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Thermal food processing – meaning boiling, frying, simmering, braising, blanching, browning, grilling, cooling. Take a look at the following pages and learn about Berief food-industry machinery. See what moves us and what we can move for you.

Machine for the production of mashed potatoes

Consisting of the Berief tiltable cooking and roasting kettle KIPPKO, hopper with agitator and lifting/tilting unit and Hempe FZK-HPC-S0 ultra-fine grinder. Boiling of mashed potatoes using raw, peeled potatoes with subsequent ultra-fine grinders, appropriate for all viscous products. All machines can also be configured flexibly in a stand-alone variation. Products: Soups, sauces, pastes and purées as well as puréed food.

Berief KIPPKO 1200 with Hempe FZK-HPC-S1-EASY ultra-fine grinder

For tilting viscous products directly into the hopper of the ultra-fine grinder or through directly connected ultra-fine grinder for products with low viscosity: Soups, sauces, porridge and purées as well as puréed food.

Brochure: Kippko + S1 Easy
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